How many pancakes are too many? It’s a trick question: there’s no such thing!
Especially on Tuesdays, when you can have as many as you can eat for just $16.50!*

Amateur competitive eaters, committed pancake lovers and the hollow of leg rejoice! All you can eat pancake Tuesdays are back on the menu!

We Never Close! Open 24/7

It's Uber, for Adelaide's Best Pancakes!

If you ever wished you could enjoy our delicious pancakes – or any of our other tasty treats – in the comfort of your own home, your dreams are coming true! We’ve teamed up with UberEATS to get you some hot, fluffy pancakey goodness, delivered right to your door!


@the original pancake kitchen

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The Original Pancake Kitchen has become an Adelaide icon, a place where people can come and feel welcome. Some come to reminisce over the good old days, others to be a part of history and quite a lot come because it’s fun, a place where you can get great food and great service but for what ever reason they come to The Original Pancake Kitchen they always have a uniquely original dining experience.

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