Generation to Generation!


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It all began with two Adelaide boys who went on a big ol' road trip across the USA in a borrowed VW. Crossing the states between New York & Miami, it seemed every hundred miles or so the boys kept pulling into wayside restaurants & diners to eat pancakes. These two prolific pancake eaters had fallen in love.

Returning home. Inspired by a dream, these two boys found an old burnt out deli in the heart of Adelaide city. Here an Icon was born on the foundation of Fluffy pancakes.



After returning home, The Pancake Kitchen in Gilbert Place was born. A friendly, cosy corner in the in the heart of the city. Where family & friends could rendezvous, relax over a game and most important enjoy delicious fluffy pancakes.

With doors that will never close and a venue that never sleeps, Adelaidian's loved it! Familiar smiling faces kept coming back. Right from the start, people loved the pancakes and the crowds continued to grow.



Things stayed sleepy over here in lil’ ol’ Adelaide until the Sandgrens moved to town! With a new captain, came new dreams and with a little bit of TLC the city venue was rejuvenated! Inspired by their direct links back to US Diners that inspired the founders. They've brought with them new ideas, while retaining the heart of The Pancake Kitchen that every Adelaidian knows and loves.


Embolden to take The Pancake Kitchen beyond the city and bring great tasting food closer to families around Adelaide. The team found a stunning hertiage listed building that captured the heart of the city in the north. Blending the old with the new, we were now reaching more pancake lovers than ever before, but we didn’t stop there.


Starting to get a bit fancy! We broke from tradition, tirelessly crafting a brand new vision for the future. Our amazing team worked relentlessly, passionate about bringing pancakes to a whole new generation, whilst retaining our heritage and exuberant style.






Based on family recipes tracing back to the deep south of the USA and under the rigorous tutelage of Pit Master Myron Mixon, a Smokehouse Revolution was born. Inspired to create something spartacular, our team debuted a brand new menu. Following in the footsteps of the original founders, this was about bring the love of American food to Adelaide families.